Front Assembly : The structure of the front is important to the strength and soundness of the dog as he stands and moves. The placement, angulation and balance of the shoulder and upper arm impacts the neck placement, forechest, topline and his ability to reach when moving. According to the standard, the shoulder and upper arm are suppose to fall at a 90 degree angle to one another. While such an angle is rarely seen, it would appear to be a "reminder" in the standard not to ignore good front angulation. Toeing in or out is not desirable whether standing or moving. Pasterns should be upright, but not so straight as to resist absorbing the impact of movement.

Rear Assembly : The rear of the Doberman should be balanced with the front to allow for proper movement and appearance. Ideally, the hip bone falls away from the spine at about a 30 degree slope, with the croup slightly rounded. The upper shank then falls at a right angle to the hip. A tail placement that is too high or too low distracts from overall appearance and movement with the former giving a Terrier appearance and stilted movement and the latter causing the dog to round over the croup and move with the rear underneath him. A wide, well-muscled rear should be observed in profile and when viewing the dog from behind. Hocks should be perpendicular to the ground with tight, cat-like feet.

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Temperament: The standards use the following words to define the ideal temperament: Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient. The Doberman was originally bred as a guard dog and, as such, was a fearless working dog who usually did not double as a family pet. Over the years, his role has changed and we now expect him to be trustworthy and loving family member, yet to rise to the occasion when needed to protect us. Because of his intelligence and willingness to please, he has happily accepted this role. However, only owners who are willing to put forth the effort to properly socialize and obedience train a Doberman should be entitled to own one.